Logistics News - February 2021

Tuesday, 23/02/2021, 08:51 GMT+7



      The carriers face the tightening of the current load - loading regulations that are appealing to emergency procedures and regulations on restricting the height of the following container - based container incident, with the Maersk Essen on January 16. This is the third time a serious incident occurred within less than two months on transport routes. Some opinions suggest that the process lashing and maintaining container on container ships is not too backward to lead to the above incidents, while the weather is more severe and more frequently occurring on transport routes, especially the pacific area. However, expert also think the new container designs may consider reducing the load on board compared to existing equipment, to ensure stability for the hull. In addition, not excluded the possibility of current equipment will be required to reduce the loading load above the hold or reduce the operation rate.

    The Korean shipbuilding industry targets increased orders in 2021. Korean shipbuilders, leading with Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., targets to set shipping orders in 2021, more than 40%, compared to 2020, between the world shipbuilding industry planned a boom thanks to environmental management. Follow of shipbuilding industry predicts environmental regulations will promote operator customers to buy ships from Korean  shipping companies, having a competitiveadvantage in the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG). The figure of the global market research organization Clarkson Research Service, korean shipbuilding firms had a good start in January 2021 and took back the number one world of new orders.

    International container transport operation "take the wheel" through COVID - 19 epidemic. According to experts, container freight activities have grown during the COVID - 19 epidemic, primarily thanks to the big demand for China' s exports and the lack of shipping. The global container numeral of Freightos Baltic (FBX) specialized following transportation costs said the rate for China - Europe has increased nearly four times since early November 2020, at $ 7.827 on February 5. According to Roach specialists, the imbalance between the supply and demand will continue when the restrictions on travel and quarantine are still applied. One thing experts are concerned is that increase shipping costs can push consumer prices higher. The expert Rees noted that it is not clear whether companies can transfer higher freight rates to consumers, if any, at any level.