Tuesday, 25/05/2021, 17:49 GMT+7

     (VLR) To facilitate investment attraction and trade in goods, relevant departments, branches and localities of Thanh Hoa province are implementing Decision No. 2119/QDUBND dated June 9, 2020 of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee on the approval of the Project on development of logistics services in the province to 2025, orientation to 2030; strive to turn Thanh Hoa into a regional logistics service center.

       In the process of construction and development of transport infrastructure, Nghi Son Economic Zone (KTNNS) and industrial zones (IZs) in Thanh Hoa province have been affirming their attractiveness and attraction. many investment projects, with the technical infrastructure system has been relatively synchronously and modernly invested. At the same time, it makes an important contribution to the transformation of labor structure and industry structure, increasing State budget revenue, creating many jobs for workers, creating a driving force for socio-economic development. province and the North Central region.

       In which, NSEZ has Nghi Son deep-water port, which is the largest international port in the North Central region and has the potential to develop into one of the largest seaports in Vietnam. According to the report of Thanh Hoa Department of Transport, currently, at Nam Nghi Son port area, a number of berths have been built or are under construction (4 general wharfs of Nghi Son Iron and Steel Company, wharf 6 of Xi'an Joint Stock Company). Cong Thanh Cement, berths 7 and 8 of Long Son Cement Company...) and berths that are preparing for investment (wharfs 9 and 10 of Long Son Cement Company and a number of berths at container wharf area No. 2).

      On May 9, 2019, CMA Group of France, the third largest container shipping company in the world, decided to open an international container shipping route to Nghi Son. An estimated 114 container ships have entered and exited with 20,000TEUs of cargo through the port. It is expected that in May 2021, container shipping company SITC, China will also study and open a number of routes at Nghi Son to intra-Asian countries.

      With developed transport infrastructure, there will be advantages of exploiting logistics services and multimodal transport for goods through seaports. This is the potential and development advantage of Nghi Son seaport in particular and the seaport system of Thanh Hoa province in general. However, according to preliminary statistics, the volume of goods transported by sea of ​​Thanh Hoa only reaches about 30% of the total volume of goods circulating through the province every year.

       In order to strive to turn Thanh Hoa into a regional logistics service center, a representative of the Department of Transport said that in the coming time, the Department will coordinate with relevant units and localities to effectively implement Results of Decision No. 2119/QDUBND, of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee on the approval of the Project on development of logistics services in the province to 2025, orientation to 2030.

         The decision of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee stated: “Step by step develop Thanh Hoa logistics services in a professional, modern, focused and focused manner; ensure quality and efficiency, actively contribute to GRDP growth, state budget revenue; at the same time, supporting the development of other industries, commerce and services of the province... Along with that, the Department of Transport advises the Provincial People's Committee to focus on mobilizing resources to invest in key traffic works bringing the connectivity with seaports, logistics centers... to develop multimodal transport. Urging and creating favorable conditions for investors to accelerate the implementation of seaport projects in order to gradually complete the Nghi Son port system according to the planning; improve the exploitation capacity of Nghi Son port, Le Mon port, call for investment in construction of Guangzhou port. Branding for Nghi Son International Container Terminal to attract shippers in Thanh Hoa province and in the region to bring goods to Nghi Son seaport for transportation. Continue to promote calling and attracting investment in developing seaport services, shipping and logistics in the province; encourage and create favorable conditions for large ocean carriers, domestic and foreign logistics enterprises to have the capacity for import and export activities in the NSEZ.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Duy Ngoi