Warehouse Service

13/10/2018 , 09:30

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With our large warehouse system and modern equipment installed, we are committed to providing the most convenient services for all types of merchandise in your Logistics chain

Goods are covered by safety and fire protection insurance, so customers can feel secured when storing goods at the warehouse.

Professional services we offer are:

  • Manage export – import of goods.
  • Make periodic inventory counting.
  • Distribute goods to final buyers.
  • Loading and unloading goods into and out of warehouses.
  • Manage cargoes & prepare inventory reports.
  • Execute customs procedures for warehousing.
  • Tally cargos.
  • Provide transportation, forwarding, etc.

Also, we can meet the needs of warehousing for the location that customers require to help optimize the storage and transportation process.

For more information or quote on services, please contact us at: info@glevietnam.com.vn