Custom Brokerage

13/10/2018 , 09:32

Customs procedures are one of the most important steps in the international import and export cargo handling procedure, which greatly affects the cost of "Customs Logistics" of the goods we receive. documents, customs declaration procedures.



We advise, provide full package services for necessary goods vouchers for Customers:

  • Identify HS code code
  • Identify taxes and duties that must be paid
  • Determine customs value for goods
  • Make customs declaration and complete customs clearance at the border
  • License for conditional import and export items
  • Quality control, plant quarantine, fumigation
  • Payment of customs fees on behalf of customers
  • Customs procedures for goods temporarily imported for re-export, temporarily exported for re-import
  • Customs procedures for dangerous goods
  • Service for granting certificates of origin (C / O)


We are constantly investing and expanding the variety of Logistics services:

  • Customs procedures
  • Export of agricultural products
  • Export and import consignment
  • International shipping
  • Please announce the Product
  • Service of making C / O goods

      ... to promote your business best.

Commitment to the fastest time for customers' goods:

  • Quickly handle difficult shipments.
  • Folding customs clearance service.
  • Delivery on time and in place.